JustCQ provides a simple, cost-efficient automated solution to health payers, delegates and clinical vendors to meet, monitor and manage contractual, regulatory, and industry standards around patient care. The embedded standards, tools, submission-ready output templates, and replication features creates a standardized process for managing this complex function.

Health Plan Accreditation

NCQA accreditation indicates an organizations’ commitment to monitoring, measuring, and improving quality. But meeting those rigorous standards require a lot of effort, collaboration, and resources across the organization over a period of time. As standards evolve, organizations have to adapt by educating staff on new requirements and update internal processes to maintain certification status. JustCQ provides an workflow management solution that makes it easy for health plans to achieve and maintain NCQA accreditation status.

Automated workflow saves resources and time

  • Intuitive workflows allow user to address accreditation requirements across various products via single data entry.
  • Real time scoring and accreditation status; identify missed opportunities to improve standards’ score.
  • NCQA standards embedded within tool.
  • Ideal set up for for regional health plans with multi-state subsidiaries
  • One-click transition to new survey year and duplication of data to new products or new affiliated organizations.
  • Integrated audit and oversight capability for ongoing compliance and survey preparation

Optimize efforts and improve quality

  • Save costs and resources needed to achieve and maintain accreditation.
  • Project management and resource planning made easy through time tracker and task alerts; Identify gaps in performance before actual survey.
  • Automated data and file retrieval saves significant time and resources required for survey submission.
  • Promote collaboration and quality standards across the organization.
  • Export supporting documentation with factor-level tags.