Improve efficiencies and increase stakeholder engagement and visibility

At JustCQ, we understand the importance of compliance and regulatory adherence for organizations. Our suite of solutions empowers you to not only monitor compliance but also seamlessly meet contractual and regulatory requirements.
With JustCQ, you gain a competitive edge by leveraging:

Automated Workflows

Say goodbye to manual tracking and ensure every compliance task is executed efficiently, saving you time and resources.

Pre-designed Audit Templates

Simplify the auditing process with our pre-designed templates, which are tailored to your specific needs and regulations.

Upload Document Once, Link to Several Areas

With JustCQ, you can upload a document once and link it to multiple relevant areas, eliminating redundancy and ensuring data integrity.

Engaging stakeholders

Effortlessly collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders involved in your program. Customize alerts for upcoming tasks and document updates to keep everyone informed and aligned, fostering a culture of collaboration and timely execution.

One-Click Replication of Information

Effortlessly replicate information across contracts or new program years with a single click, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Gain a holistic view of performance across all stakeholders in real time, enabling timely decision-making and proactive compliance management.

Unmatched Visibility

Empower your decision-makers with comprehensive program dashboards and detailed reports. Gain real-time visibility into performance, successes, deficiencies, and risks. Utilize data-driven insights to formulate strategies and action plans when necessary, ensuring your program's continued success.

Integrated Efficiency

Eliminate redundancies and enhance efficiency by sharing information and documents seamlessly. Our integrated solution breaks down silos and encourages streamlined workflows, allowing your team to focus on what matters most.

Platform Modules

JustCQ provides affordable, straightforward automation solutions for health plans, health insurance management service organizations, and health benefits management vendors. Our solutions standardize workflows and documentation, enhance compliance with contractual and regulatory requirements, foster collaboration among stakeholders, and boost efficiency.


Automated workflows for managing compliance with standards and required documentation to earn and maintain NCQA accreditation status.


Leverage this one-stop automated delegate and vendor oversight solution to monitor and audit compliance with contractual and regulatory requirements.


Collaborate to build and update CCIP (Chronic Care Improvement Program) in a CMS compliant template and export them in standard format for distribution and track progress and manage annual updates.


Leverage this end-to-end solution to create, manage, document, and report on compliance with CMS Medicare SNP Model of Care (MOC) program requirements.


Automate the creation, approval, updates and distribution of policies and procedures with use of standard template. Collaborate across functional areas and track changes by all contributors.


Automate access and availability surveys using configurable standards or embedded access and availability standards to survey providers and share the results.


Enhance compliance with regulatory and program training requirements with customizable communication templates, alert schedules, and real-time completion status tracking.


Automate creation, approval, and monitoring of clinical programs using the collaborative workflow features.

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