Our motto is simple – your pain is our pain! Our own experience managing these crucial and complicated functions led us to create these solutions to ease the burden for others in the same situation. Very often these complex requirements are managed via excel worksheets, numerous emails, and documents stored on SharePoint and network drives leading to missed deadlines, performance shortfalls, outdated documents, and, in some cases, failed audits!

The JustCQ team has decades of experience and expertise in managing these programs successfully across a range of payers. We used intelligent automation in our products to address the common pain points and simplify the workflows by taking the guesswork out of the tasks and related standards/requirements that influence the process. We identified key areas for automation – compliance, delegation oversight, accreditation – based on their opportunity for reducing redundancies and maximizing cost efficiencies in an integrated solution.


A smart solution is just the beginning! We work closely with our clients to understand their unique situation and recommend best practices and the optimal product configuration to achieve the best outcomes with the available resources. We hope you will consider partnering with us in your journey to deliver the best health outcomes to your members.


Who we serve

Healthcare entities looking to improve efficiencies within or across stakeholder organizations and improve quality of care and achieve regulatory compliance would benefit from our innovative solutions.

  • Payers
  • Health Systems
  • Independent Practice Associations
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Healthcare consultants
  • Vendors

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